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Helpful Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of your home. You spend a lot of time there cooking, eating, sharing, and creating amazing memories. However, just like your closets, your kitchen cabinets may become disorganized if they aren’t properly cared for.

Since there are so many different activities that occur in this area, the kitchen gets messy – fast. Just think about how much time you wind up wasting when you stop and try to find something you need. Not to mention all the cluttered countertops that are really hard to clean.

The good news is, there are a few steps you can take to organize them and minimize the clutter.

Take Inventory

When you begin to organize, it is best to begin with a clean slate. Take the time to clean out all of the items in your cabinet and take inventory of all the items you own. What is hidden inside your cabinets may surprise you.

The next step is to organize all these items into categories. Make sure to keep all your pots and pans together, gather all your baking ingredients and the must-haves in a single corner, and keep all the pantry items in another.

Label each of the containers so you can quickly and easily find your ingredients. Before you start re-organizing, be sure to throw away anything you don’t use or don’t have plans to use in the future.

Make Sure Things are Accessible

It’s a good idea to make it easier to navigate through your kitchen when you are serving or cooking your food. Start by thinking about the items you use each day and keep them in an accessible location.

For example, if you store your leftover food in plastic containers, keep the items in the front and center cabinet, instead of the lower ones. You can store all your giant pots, fine china, and Christmas mugs in the bottom or top since you aren’t going to use them each day.

If you are having issues reaching the back of your cabinets, then trade your old, fixed cabinets in for ne sliding shelves so you have the ability to get to all of your items.

Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the main reasons that kitchen cabinets get so messy is because there’s not enough space. As your family gets bigger, the things that you have in the kitchen are going to continue to increase. Think of placing corkboards or hanging hooks on your cabinet doors to maximize the space. You can also choose to store all of your food items in trays or baskets.

Try to make more room on your countertops by storing your spices, cups, grocery lists, recipes, measuring cups, and other items inside your cabinets by using the doors.

Also, you can always install new or more cabinets to have even more space to organize all your utensils. If you don’t currently have an island cabinet, now is the time to add one for aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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