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You may think that after you make dozens of difficult decisions during a kitchen remodel, something such as choosing knobs and pulls for your cabinets would be a rather easy decision. This is usually not the case.

You will quickly discover there are more cabinet pull and knob options than there are stars in the sky. But, don’t worry and don’t make a knee-jerk decision just so you are done with it. At Custom Cabinets by Lawrence, we will help you find the ideal pulls and knobs for your cabinets and drawers. This goes much further than just looking at the options that are available.

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Some tips that will help you narrow down the options in regard to cabinet knobs and pull include:

  • If you are considering options based on their resale value, the top-selling finishes currently are bronze, chrome and satin nickel.
  • Use your kitchen faucet style and finish to make a selection.

You should select knobs and pulls that complement the current style of your kitchen. This will help the entire space appear cohesive.

If you would like, we can help you with the selection process and even make recommendations based on the type of cabinets we design for you. If you are going to invest the money to have custom cabinets constructed and installed in your home, it is well worth it to also choose the knobs and pulls carefully to make sure they match the quality offered by the cabinets.

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Remember, not all knobs and pulls are created equal. Some factors to consider when searching for the ones that are right for your home/space, consider the following:

  • What they are made of
  • How the knobs/pulls are attached
  • The finish on the hardware (will it chip off?)
  • The size of the knobs and pulls compared to the cabinet
  • Who is using the cabinets

The last consideration may be a bit confusing; however, consider the following. If the cabinets are being installed where an elderly person lives, it may be beneficial to have larger handles that are easier to grab and use. We will help you consider all the factors that may impact the type of knobs and pulls you should install.

At Custom Cabinets by Lawrence, our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to add the finishing touches to your cabinets and ensure they look great. Don’t underestimate the effect that quality knobs and pulls can have. We have a vast array of options you can choose from and even offer custom options, as well. When we serve our customers, our goal is complete satisfaction for every job we take on.

If you are ready to get started, be sure to contact us at Custom Cabinets by Lawrence today. You will find our products exceed your expectations.

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