Custom Cabinets in Kansas City

When Custom Cabinets by Lawrence first opened its doors in the Kansas City area, we had a gold to create an honest product that was built with pride and integrity. Working in a professional and fully-equipped facility, our cabinet shop has set the goal of creating custom cabinets to complement any home and style.

Quality is one of the main ways that Custom Cabinets by Lawrence sets itself apart from all the others in this industry. Each piece displays the high level of attention to detail that goes into every product creating pieces that are simply unrivaled. We understand that our cabinets will be in homes and businesses for years down the road, which is why we ensure our finishes last longer and feel better. We also ensure the door hinges operate silently and that the doors close gently to prevent damage. Each cabinet we produce features these elements because we truly believe that each of our customers deserves the very best.

At Custom Cabinets by Lawrence, we create all-wood cabinetry from only the finest wood species that are engineered and designed for durability and functionality. All of our cabinet interiors are finished on each side and the floors are flush and always sanded by hand. We use furniture-style construction methods, which includes all-wood cabinet frames and boxes, robust joinery and of course, only the most spectacular finishes.

The business partners we have are, without a doubt, the greatest in the entire world. We understand that when you choose and select a team to create and build your custom cabinets, you expect someone who is able to blend functionality and beauty with ease of use. This is why our team makes sure the suppliers and vendors we work with are the very best in the industry.
You can’t trust your cabinets to just anyone. Also, if you purchase the mass-produced, cookie-cutter cabinets from local home improvement stores, you are soon going to discover these pieces are not made to last. Our cabinets are designed with high-quality materials to ensure superior longevity. We take the time to install the cabinets with care, as well to ensure they can serve their purpose for generations of use.

If you have never taken the time to see the difference in custom cabinets, now is the time to see what all the fuss is about. Our cabinets are designed to provide completely smooth sides and edges and the finishes are never uneven or appear to have been applied quickly. Our construction professionals understand that attention to detail is important, which is why they ensure each piece will exceed your expectations.

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