Do you have cabinets in your home that are made of quality materials, but could still use a bit of an update? Is the color drab or the hardware old and unsightly? If you find that your cabinets may still be salvageable, but you no longer like the way they look then you should consider investing in our cabinet remodeling services.

Not only will remodeling your cabinets give new life to the items that are already installed, but it will also help you save quite a bit of money. Prior to calling us for remodeling services, there are a few things to consider:

  • Are the cabinets still structurally sound?
  • Would a new coat of paint go a long way?
  • Were the cabinets originally installed the right way?

Each of these factors will help you determine if you should remodel or replace your cabinets. For example, if parts of the cabinets are falling apart or off, they may not be able to be saved. This is also true if they were not installed the right way originally. You may find the cabinets begin to fall apart when we remove them for the remodeling process.

However, if your cabinets are sound and only need some work to look new again, then calling us at Custom Cabinets by Lawrence will be the first step in getting a much-needed update for your kitchen.

As one of the highest rater Kansas City cabinet companies, our remodeling process involves a series of steps. These steps are in place to ensure we create the cabinets you really want. In some cases, it may only involve repainting or staining the surface and installing new hardware. However, in other cases, you may want to add or take away shelving, add new elements to the cabinet or something else. Regardless of your vision for the cabinets, we can ensure it is created.

If you are ready to get started with the remodeling process for your home’s cabinets, then all you have to do is call. We can evaluate what is present currently and determine the best course of action to provide the needed facelift. In some cases, it will be a simple and quick process, while in other situations, it will require more time and effort.

We will base our remodeling of the cabinets on what you want for the space. In the long run, our services can help improve the functionality of the cabinets, as well as the way they look.

In addition to remodeling your cabinets, we can also create completely new ones based on your needs and specifications. Our professional craftsmen can also help you select the perfect knobs, pulls, and hinges to complete the look. When you choose Custom Cabinets by Lawrence you will find a completely capable and professional team who is ready to build or remodel the cabinets you want and need for your space.

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