Month: January 2018

An Up-close and Personal Look at Cabinet Wood

Modern kitchens are often dominated by impressive, luxurious stainless steel appliances and various futuristic accessories. Due to all this hard, cold metal and steel, it only makes sense that you would want a softer, more natural element in the space. This is where your cabinet wood comes in. The texture and warmth provided by natural wood cabinets can provide a much needed contrast to the space, helping to pull your entire kitchen together. Continue reading “An Up-close and Personal Look at Cabinet Wood”

Understanding Basic Kitchen Cabinet Sizes

As a consumer, it is imperative that you take the time to get the information needed to make educated buying decisions. When you have decided to redesign or remodel your kitchen, you need to become familiar with the various aspects in the space. While this process can be somewhat overwhelming, when you research the options and the standard cabinet sizes, it will help you plan the layout of your kitchen. It can also help you get the creative juices flowing. Continue reading “Understanding Basic Kitchen Cabinet Sizes”

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Cabinets that Coordinate with Your Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you are like most people, you probably spend endless hours in this space, cooking meals, special treats and just spending time with family and friends. To make the space functional and comfortable, you need to implement the best components. Continue reading “Tips for Selecting Kitchen Cabinets that Coordinate with Your Countertops”

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