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Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for Your Rustic Kitchen

Designing your new kitchen is an exciting time. If you are looking for a rustic kitchen, there are few ways you can go. Mostly, it will depend on your interpretation of what rustic means to you.

Achieving a rustic look should depend on what you like the best. Pick the colors or tones that you like and that make you feel good.

Cabinet Choices for a Rustic Kitchen

Whether you want to get back to nature or just find some modern touches that feel old, there are plenty of options available.

Natural Wood

Choose the type of wood you want for your rustic cabinets. Nothing says nature like natural wood. You can have it treated, varnished, or stained. Showing off the grain of the wood looks great.

Often, the plainer the cabinets the better. Rustic usually means taking from nature and using it as it is. It doesn’t need a lot of extra modern touches, it will look simple and beautiful just the way it is.

You can add rustic touches with accessories and paint or stain. If you have appliances and furnishing, such as live edge dining room table, to go with the theme, keep the cabinets plain and simple.

You can showcase your modern rustic kitchen stove or big wooden dining table and not let it get too busy with a lot of extras you don’t need. Custom cabinets mean you can get the exact desired look you want and it will look like it has been there all along.

Distressed Features

A worn, faded look is always in style. Use that along with small cubbies or open areas where you can display antique dishes or pottery.

Open Shelves

Get rid of the cabinets altogether and go with an open concept. Open shelves can show off your dishes, cookware, and cookbooks. Add a few pots of flowers or clay pots to add to the feel.

Maybe consider a few open shelves, some semi-open, and the rest with doors. Include slots for plates and hooks for cups.

Glass Fronts

Cabinet doors with glass panes, either large or several smaller panes look great, as well. Use in combination with antique dishes and natural polished wood and add some lights inside.

You can get a glass that is etched or frosted, as well, if that is the way you like to go. They add a nice touch without exposing all that is inside the cabinets. Colored or stained glass will also give it an antique feel.

Natural Colors

Blues, greens, greys, and browns all work well on any style of the cabinet when you are going for a rustic look. Use a lighter color on the doors and a darker shade for trim.

White, off-white, cream, and caramel are also very popular colors used for rustic-styled kitchens. They go well with lighter or darker walls and exposed brick.

Handles, Knobs, and Hinges

Don’t forget about the accessories to add that extra touch. You can use brass, steel, stone, or other metals to get the look you are after. There are so many to choose from, so make sure you get the ones that highlight the finish on your rustic cabinets.

Custom Cabinets

The beauty of getting custom-made cabinets is that they can be made to look like anything you want. Wood, stone, knotty pine, and so much more. Get the style you want and the finish.

Custom cabinets also allow you to make changes down the road without having to replace them. Wood finishes can be redone if you need to.

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