Installing Kitchen Cabinets in Your Historic Kansas City Home

Installing new kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to bring an older kitchen back to life. If you live in an older, historic home, the cabinets could be well out-of-date.

They may have been replaced over the years, and, depending on when may not suit the look you want. Maintaining the look of the historic kitchen is a great way to pay homage to the home and enjoy a modern kitchen with an old fashion style.

Restoring Kansas City History

You own a historic home for a reason. You either inherited it and wish to preserve your family’s history or you purchased it to enjoy the fine work of yesteryear.

Restoring a kitchen to work in the modern world and still retain its old-world charm requires custom cabinets. Your home wasn’t built to match all the other homes along your block.

These homes were built to be functional. You will not find cabinets to fit from your big box store. From new roof replacement to foundation repair, Many adjustments would likely be needed and that can add greatly to the cost.

Chances are you, or the previous owners, have made changes in the kitchen already. In its original state, there may have been no cabinets that were attached to the walls, no refrigerator, and certainly not a modern stove.

If you are maintaining the integrity of the historic home, you want to bring back the period of the home with modern conveniences. It doesn’t have to go back to the original date, but you want to pick a period for the entire home.

Custom Cabinets

Having your cabinets custom made is the best way to restore the history of the home and the kitchen. You know your cabinets will be the best quality and last for many years.

Because homes were built to suit the owner at the time, there may be odd shapes, varying heights, and awkward corners or doorways. It takes a professional craftsperson to make those spaces work.

When the home was built, they didn’t anticipate the future of dishwashers, glass doors, and marble countertops. They were built for working in. But luckily, you can have both style and substance.

Custom cabinets can help improve the flow and the function of your kitchen. You already know what doesn’t work, let us build you something that does. Older homes often require a lot of work.

You can find all the accessories you need to complete your new kitchen, from hinges to drawer pulls, and the style of doors and their knobs.

Get Ready for Installing Cabinets

Tearing the old cabinets out allows you to make other renovations, as well. That can mean upgrading plumbing and electrical work. If this is true for your home, then it is the perfect time to do so when you are having the old cabinets removed.

Having that work completed before installing the cabinets will make all the jobs go that much easier and quicker. That way, you get your new, custom cabinets in without any extra fuss.

That way, if you are adding new appliances, counters, floors, or anything else, the transition to your new kitchen will go smoothly, with fewer interruptions.

Custom Cabinets by Lawrence take pride in their work and offer you the finest quality of wood for your custom cabinets. They understand that their cabinets will be in homes and businesses for years down the road, which is why they ensure their finishes last longer and feel better.

Contact us with your vision of your new kitchen cabinets and we will help you find it. Quality is what sets us apart.

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