Kitchen Storage Hacks: How to Make the Most of Your New Cabinets

Have you recently installed new kitchen cabinets? Do you finally have the perfect look and all the storage you need?  All that’s great, but if you aren’t making the most of the space in your cabinets and drawers, you aren’t taking advantage of all they have to offer. Don’t worry, you can easily reclaim all this “lost” space by using the simple, yet ingenious, upgrades and kitchen storage hacks found here.

Introducing the Slide 

A slide is a mechanism that allows your drawers to slide out (as the name implies). They are also found in rollout shelves. A basic slide opens a drawer and rollouts partially, giving you access to the back – once you bend and reach a bit. A great way to avoid this backbreaking bend and reach is by changing out the partial slide for a full extension slide.

A full extension slide is able to open completely. This means you can see and reach the back without issue. It’s a good idea to test your drawer slides to see if they open completely, and if they don’t consider upgrading them today.

If you are in the process of having custom cabinets built, consider asking your cabinet maker to install the full extension slides to begin with. You will be thankful you did when you are working and cooking in your kitchen.

Increasing Access and Function

This simple upgrade for your drawer hardware helps you multiply the access you have to the storage in your kitchen. The size of the box remains the same, what changes is how much of that space you can use.

Rather than seeing only part of what’s in the drawer when it is open, you can see everything. In fact, the drawer rolls out so far that the back of the drawer is even with the front of the cabinets. By installing this hardware upgrade, you can eliminate the murky area at the back of the drawer where objects are lost because you can’t see them.

For most drawers, that means three more inches of space you had, but couldn’t easily use. While that may not seem like much, it really adds up. Three inches is enough to add another bin for pens or utensils. If you add up all the savings across all your drawers, you may get an entire drawer’s worth of “lost” space.

Don’t Stop There

You can use this storage hack for more than just your drawers. Another option is rollout shelves for your cabinets. They can transform your deep and hard-to-navigate base cabinets into an organized storage area. You can even add these in pantries, and they can bring the dark shelves into easy reach.

With the addition of slides to your kitchen drawers and cabinets, you can say goodbye to wasted space. They allow you to make the most of the storage you have available, and help you avoid losing items in the deep, dark recesses of cabinets and drawers.

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