Evaluating Modern Kitchen Cabinetry

Have you finally decided to build the Kansas City kitchen of your dreams and are looking for modern kitchen cabinetry? Once you have determined a budget, the next step is to get started with the design.

You may wonder what you should consider first. The best answer is the cabinets. After all, it’s the cabinets that set the function and the form of your kitchen.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, chances are your existing cabinets are worn out and tired. Installing modern kitchen cabinetry is a smart move, but how do you know for sure if you are getting the best quality product for your budget?

Don’t worry. This guide is here to help. Use the information here to get the right modern kitchen cabinetry for your needs.

Determining the Cabinet Quality

The cabinet quality is based on the hardware, finish, construction process, and materials used. All these aspects are also going to dictate how much the cabinetry costs.

There’s a huge selection of cabinet qualities available, each one designed to meet the different standards, budgets, and styles of homeowners. It’s a good idea to evaluate each of these things when choosing new cabinets.

Stock vs. Custom Cabinets

The choice between custom and stock cabinets usually comes down to the layout and cost. Stock cabinets are ones that are premade and that come in standard sizes that might limit the way you setup your kitchen.

With custom cabinets, you have cabinets that are built to the precise specifications and size requirements for the kitchen layout. This is an option that works well if you have a kitchen that’s an odd-size, or if you want a unique layout. There are some cabinet makers that also offer semi-custom options. These are pre-manufactured but offer more sizes and options than the stock cabinets.

Construction Can’t Be Ignored

The way a cabinet is constructed will directly impact its quality. A cabinet style that is less expensive may use particleboard or medium-density, thinner fiberboard – MFD. Higher quality cabinets are made of plywood, a thicker type of MDF or another hardwood. Having a general understanding of these types of wood can help you evaluate the cabinets when trying to make your selection.

A Helpful Modern Kitchen Cabinetry Buying Checklist

When you start looking for your new kitchen cabinets, make sure to look for these important features:

  • Cabinets with a warranty covering workmanship and materials
  • Hinges that don’t wobble or crack
  • Quality of the finish
  • Shelves that are the full depth of the cabinet or that roll out
  • Test all display cabinets
  • Consider the base to see how the box is reinforced
  • Check the drawers for quality craftsmanship and materials

With this checklist, you can feel confident you are buying quality cabinets that are going to last a long time. If you don’t want to purchase pre-made cabinets, then get in touch with a quality, local cabinet maker. They can provide you with the custom cabinet options you want, and chances are it will be much more affordable than you think.

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