Why Choose Custom Cabinetry Rather Than Box Cabinets?

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so why wouldn’t we want them to be as nice as possible? We use our kitchen cabinets many times a day, so they should be as nice and functional as possible, too.  If you are ready to invest in new kitchen cabinetry, keep reading to learn why you should choose custom rather than box cabinets.

Box Cabinets

If you are looking for the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, you won’t find them in a big box store. Big box stores sell box cabinets. There is nothing remarkable about them, they often are made of lesser grades of materials and they will not fit properly.

That leads to wasted space, poor quality, and oftentimes, you have to assemble them and put them up yourself. These cabinets are exactly what they look like. You won’t be able to make alterations on them, and they often don’t look as nice as they could.

Due to the cheaper materials, you can often find them falling apart after a short period of time. They chip, the doors don’t fit right and far too often, your kitchen items won’t fit well in them, either.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are made to suit your space, your kitchen, and your needs. These are made to your kitchen’s specifics. You know they will fit perfectly and make great use of the space you have. Or, don’t have.

It’s the perfect choice for people looking to maximize a smaller space. Custom cabinets mean they are built to fit. They can be round, or tall and skinny, there can be drawers or cupboards in a tight corner that was just wasted space before.

Get the cabinets custom fit to hold all your kitchen items, work perfectly and look fantastic. Get cabinets where you never had before, get them in varying heights and sizes and even get them with secret panels and hidden spaces.

Box cabinets are meant to be “one size fits all” yet, they seldom fit any space. You want the cabinets to last a long time, be suitable for your needs and your kitchen space.

For the amount of use our cabinets get, they need to be sturdy and withstand a few good slams. Cheaper materials will split and break right away. A good sturdy cabinet will withstand years of use.

Plus, box cabinets are difficult to make adjustments to. It can be rather costly, as well, and with cheaper materials, it won’t last long. Custom cabinets can be adjusted down the road, if needed, to add or subtract certain parts.

Custom cabinets are the only option if you plan on enjoying your kitchen for many years to come. Why settle for something that was put together in a factory and not made for you, but made for everyone.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and it deserves some nice cabinetry. So do you. Custom cabinets will take advantage of the space you have and give you the perfect cabinets that will last for years.

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