How to Design Your New Cabinets to Maximize Usability and Storage

Too many of us tolerate inadequate kitchens. No counter space, cabinets that don’t hold enough items because of poor design or simply just not enough of them. Remodeling your kitchen can seem like a huge job, and it usually is. That’s why if you are going to do it, you want to make sure you maximize storage and usability.

Getting What You Need

If you are in an older house, your kitchen cabinets can seem quite antiquated. In particular, your appliances, both big and small have changed over the years. They require different or better space in order to function properly.

You want to be able to get custom cabinets that suit you, your needs and the space they are in. They need to fit the space well and provide you with what their purpose is, but still look good.

Maximizing the space they are in is very important. If you have limited space in your kitchen, the cabinets need to work with that space and not waste any. Even the way they open can be custom designed, so they function as well as you do in the space you have.

Cabinets That Work For You

You know best what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps your current cupboards are too low or too high. Maybe you don’t have enough space for storing all your pots and pans, or you need to maximize storage for more dishes.

You also will know where certain items will work best. Maybe you need a few more drawers, a place to show off Grandmother’s good china or you need more space because you are a growing family.

Think about what is the worst part of your kitchen. Is it too far to reach a certain cupboard or drawer? Maybe you need more cupboard space by the stove and less near the fridge.

Everything should flow and have its own space. How many times have we had to clear pots and pans out of the oven so you could use it? The solution isn’t to get rid of items, it is to have great cabinets to store everything.

Sleek and Functional

Great cabinets should function well and look great. The doors should fit flush and not hang open like they belong together. Our small appliances are still often larger than they used to be. Things like food processors, mixers and various types of coffee machines need space.

We don’t always want them cluttering up our countertops. Being able to store them quickly and easily is important. We need to be able to retrieve them easily, as well. Fighting with things in order to make them fit is frustrating.

Make Them Yours

If you need a step stool to reach your favorite coffee mug every morning, then you likely aren’t enjoying your best kitchen. Sit down with a designer and tell them exactly what you want. We spend far too much time in our kitchens for them not to be perfect.

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