Should I Choose Paint or Stain for my New Kitchen Cabinets?

Trying to decide what to do with your new kitchen cabinets might be easier if you factor in a few things first. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to using paint or stain for your kitchen cabinets.

Here are a few pros and cons of using paint or stain to think about to help you decide.


There are many pros to using paint for your new kitchen cabinets. The first pro about using paint is that you can pick any color you like. You can use several different colors, in fact. It gives you a smooth and modern look. A look you can change very easily when you feel like it. Freshly painted cupboards give your whole room a great, sleek look. If you choose white or a bright color, the aesthetic is great. Paint is easier to apply to certain surfaces. If the cabinets are made with a cheaper board, the paint covers them well.

Cons of using paint

Paint can be rather expensive, depending on the type you choose. If you find a chip or a crack in the surface, it can be difficult to touch it up and make it match. Even if you have the same paint, the paint you use to fix the problem will be noticeable.


Stain on your cabinets is perfect for showing off the detail and grain of the wood. It still allows you choices, you can use a darker tone or clear, to enhance the grain of the wood. There are stains available with hues of green, blue, white, black and red, for choices. It is much easier to touch up the cabinet if there is a small bit of damage on the surface. The stain you use for a touch up will blend in much better with the wood grain, as it has so much more texture. Stain finish is much easier to clean off and it is very durable.  It will last for many years and is usually cheaper to buy than most paints.

Cons of using stain

It won’t work on cheaper surfaces. It needs to be used on wood, not press boards. Stain is less responsive to water.

Both Winners

Of course, it is up to you which you like better, but each one has its bonuses. Stain will allow you a traditional and natural look where paint opens the doors for you to experiment with a world of colors.

If you are finishing the cabinets on your own, the stain is easier to use. Paint will show flaws and mistakes easier than the stain. If you have used nice wood, stain often looks better as the paint will cover up all its natural beauty.

Paint allows more color options and variations of those colors. You can choose from different types of paint, as well. But you do want to use something that will last, hold up well and allow you to wipe them down when needed.

Paint or stain, the choice is yours, but both will look great on your new kitchen cabinets.

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