What You Can Expect with Painted Cabinets

Today, the installation of painted cabinets is becoming more popular. However, if you don’t care for these fixtures, issues may arise. The good news is, here you can learn what to expect with painted cabinets and how to properly care for and maintain them.

Regular Cleaning is Necessary

Anything that you use regularly will need to be cleaned – this includes your painted cabinets. There’s a myth that painted cabinets have a tendency to get dirtier than stained ones; however, that’s just a myth. The fact is stained cabinets easily conceal a mess because it doesn’t provide a solid color finish the way paint does.

When it is time to clean your painted cabinets, the experts recommend you clean the surface with a soft, clean cloth that is dampened with a mix of water and mild dishwashing soap. The “elbow grease” required to clean your cabinets is going to depend on how dirty the cabinets are and how often you clean them.

Painted Cabinets Aren’t Waterproof

By choosing a quality paint, you may think that it will result in your cabinets being waterproof – this isn’t the case. Drips and spills are bound to happen and when they do, you need to make sure you wipe the surface of your cabinets clean and fully dry the affected area. This is the best way for you to prevent staining and damage.

It’s also important to pay particular attention to the areas around sources of water, such as your instant pot, coffee maker, dishwasher, or sink. Keeping these areas dry is essential.

Hairline Cracks May Appear

With the changes in humidity levels and temperature, the wood components in your home will contract and expand. This is a natural occurrence that may create very small, yet visible lines in the finish. This is called a “hairline crack.” The good news is these lines are only on the surface and they won’t affect the structure of the cabinet in any way.

The Possibility of Scratches and Chips

Just like the paint on your car may chip, the same is true for the paint on your cabinet. Even when you choose a high-quality finish, you may begin to notice scratches or chips on the surface of the door or drawer. Scratches and chips may occur when the cabinets are being installed, or they can occur as the cabinets are used. An array of things can cause chips and scratches including your fingernails, jewelry, silverware, and more.

When this happens, you should contact the person who constructed and/or painted the cabinets. They can touch-up the finish to help ensure your cabinets look newer, longer.

If you are considering painting the surface of your cabinets, keeping the information here in mind can be extremely beneficial.

You should talk with your cabinet maker to ensure that a painted finish is the right option, too, as there are several finishes that you can choose from to ensure the cabinets match and coordinate with your other décor and appliances.

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