Paint Color Trends for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Sprucing up your kitchen, whether a complete remodel or some new paint can really make a big difference. By the looks of things, 2020 is shaping up to be the year we are going to be seeing a lot more of our kitchens. Why not make those kitchen cabinets really pop? You can use paint to highlight other accessories or go really bold and paint them with fabulous bright colors.  Here are a few paint color trends you can use to spruce up your kitchen cabinets!

Getting Bold With Color

The truth about trends is, why bother following them at all? It’s your kitchen, why would you want it to look like someone else’s? While trending colors can give you great ideas, you should follow your taste and style.

There are several ways you can approach the embracement of color. Why not use your favorites? No one can tell you that those colors don’t belong in a kitchen, it’s your kitchen.

Mix and match with a few of your favorite colors. Many will compliment each other. You can use two-tones of blues, greens, yellows, or mix them up. Sometimes a paler color for the main part of the cupboards is nice with a bold outline or trim.

Match Your Cabinets

If the cabinets are new or looking drab next to some new appliances, splash on some paint to match the rest of the kitchen theme. Painting the cabinets to match your knobs or accessories is also a great option.

Maybe you have new dishes, or are using your Grandmother’s set. Why not paint the cabinets to match the color scheme on her plates. Small blue flowers or red roses would stand out even more with matching cabinet doors.

If you have a particular color scheme already, maybe consider some muted colors to help accent those. Stainless steel appliances can handle any color around them.

If you have a collection of dishes or items in your kitchen that are a single theme, consider finding paint that will accent that. Maybe you love daisies or lemons. You can build on that theme to bring the whole kitchen together.

Start Your Own Trend

Seeing what is cool for the new season is always fun, but it’s your kitchen, you should decorate it the way you like. Sea green might be what’s hot this year but if you don’t like it, why bother? 

It is your kitchen so be brave and bold and go crazy with colors, or don’t. Subtle, calming colors that make the room feel cool and quiet or bold colors that scream fun are entirely up to you.

Whether you are just trying to liven up your old kitchen with a bit of paint or remodeling the entire room, it should reflect you and your tastes. Not someone else’s.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. They should look inviting, comfortable and cozy. They also need to be functional. Our kitchens are where we eat, cook and share. Let it say what you want it to say, let it say home by adding one of these paint color trends to your kitchen cabinets.

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