Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Making mistakes with your kitchen design is possible and likely. If you aren’t aware of the most important elements that go into this process, the likelihood of mistakes will grow.

Trying to design the kitchen of your dreams takes a bit of forethought to make sure the space will work efficiently. By taking some extra time to plan the space will help ensure that your family and friends can gather comfortably in the space.

Get to know some of the most common kitchen design mistakes that are made here.

Not Planning for the Work Triangle Theory

Having the “work triangle” in your kitchen is necessary to ensure everything functions properly. With this design, the stove, refrigerator, and sink should be installed in a triangular shape, which makes it easy to move from one to the other.

If your primary appliances are installed in a different way, you may find you have to take additional steps. This is going to make preparing meals a much longer and more challenging process.

Not Having Enough Places to Sit

You need to consider the total number of friends and family members who often gather in your kitchen. Do you host holiday parties or other events often? If so, you should be mindful of where your guests are going to sit. It’s a good idea to consider adding an island or breakfast bar that can accommodate these extra people when it is needed.

Avoid Making Split-Second Decisions

Everyone can become obsessed with the beautiful and well-laid out kitchen showrooms. However, you need to take some time to find out how the same elements are going to look in your space.

Is there enough room in your kitchen to create the same look you saw in the showroom? Remember, size is often deceiving when you take a look at the showroom kitchen compared to your actual home. It’s also a good idea to take samples home to see how they are going to look in the lighting in your home.

Not Considering Your Storage Options

All of your pans, pots, dishes, appliances, and other items need to have a home. When you are designing your kitchen space, consider where you are going to store everything. This is also something you should discuss with your designer. For example, by hiring a custom cabinet maker, you can ensure you have the storage solutions you need to ensure all your kitchen necessities have a place to “live” and that you can remain organized while cooking in your kitchen.

Not Considering the Lighting Carefully

Dark kitchens are both difficult to work in and uninviting. It is easier to cook if you have plenty of lighting. Look at your current kitchen space and see if there is enough light during the day. If not, consider adding a window.

By using the tips here, you can ensure your kitchen remodeling efforts are successful. Being informed is the best way to handle any kitchen remodel process and to get the desired results.

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