Tips for Organizing Your Cabinets to Maximize Storage Space

Sometimes, even if you have had custom kitchen cabinets created, space inside may be limited. This is especially the case if you have an older home. It’s often difficult to find the storage you need for all your kitchen necessities, such as your small appliances, spices, pots and pans, and dishes.

If you are designing a new kitchen or if you are revamping your existing kitchen, there are several ways you can incorporate storage in your cabinets that suits all your needs. Some of the options to consider using are found here.

Install a Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is considered (by some) as one of the greatest storage solutions for kitchen cabinets today. This rather ingenious, rotating shelf can be a real lifesaver if your cupboard space is limited.

Are you considering redesigning your kitchen? If so, you should think about installing a large Lazy Susan at the corners of the cabinet. This is going to make finding needed items, such as canned goods and spices easy.

There are some who recommend putting these on higher shelves, which is going to make the items much easier to reach. It’s also possible to purchase separate Lazy Susan’s to put in your current cabinets, your pantry, or any other location.

A Pull-Out Rack

You can install a pull-out rack in your current cabinets, or you can add them to your new ones. These are great storage solutions.

There are also several styles that are available to choose from. For example, you can use vertical racks for storing your flat kitchen items, such as muffin tins, cutting boards, and cookie sheets.

You can also choose to use a bigger sliding rack to hold your pots and pans. This is an efficient option and prevents you from having to get on all fours to access items in lower cabinets.

Another great option is lid organizer racks. These allow you to keep all your lids in a single location and organized. They even work for plastic lid containers, which everyone knows can get quite messy.

Extended Wall Cabinets

If you eliminate soffits and choose to extend your cabinets to the ceiling, you can increase your storage significantly. You can use these higher cabinets for the items you don’t use too often or for smaller appliances you don’t want to keep out on your counter.

If there’s a blank wall in your kitchen, you may want to consider adding custom cabinets from the top all the way to the bottom. When you do this, it will give your room an appealing focal point. With this setup, your cabinets won’t be spread out and it’s going to give you more wall space in other parts of your kitchen, where you can install a bigger refrigerator or stove.

As you can see, there are several things you can do to optimize the space you have in your cabinets. If you have more specific ideas, work with a custom cabinet designer to ensure you get the cabinet options that fit your needs. Contact Custom Cabinets by Lawrence today!

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