Signs You Need to Invest in Kitchen Cabinet Replacement

Cabinet refacing is a sustainable and affordable way to achieve the look of custom-made cabinets for an affordable price. However, refacing isn’t possible with all cabinets. There are situations where kitchen cabinet replacement with semi-custom or custom options is going to be the best solution for your kitchen remodel or renovation project.

To find out if your cabinets are able to be refaced, it is a good idea to talk to a professional in the industry. They can let you know for sure what your options are. While speaking with the pros is highly recommended, some of the signs that your cabinets can’t be refaced, and that replacement is necessary can be found here.

The Cabinets are Cheap

Have you recently moved into a home with extremely low-grade, cheap cabinets? If so, refacing these cabinets won’t be an option. While you can reinforce these cabinet frames with a double-lamination process, you still need to ensure there are good “bones” for the cabinets. If the majority of the interior structures and skeleton are cheap, made out of compressed particle board, then refacing isn’t a good idea.

The Cabinet Structure is Beyond Repair

Sometimes, you can take a look at the first cabinet and believe it is high quality. However, when you open the second one, you may discover that the frame is rotted, covered with mold, or serious damaged.

It could have been chewed up by pests, or there may be swelling in the wood. The cabinet may just be falling apart. Regardless of the reason, if the cabinet structure is damaged beyond repair, then refacing it won’t be an option. However, it’s best to let the professionals be the final judge on if this is possible or not. It may be possible to reface some and replace others, which is still going to reduce the costs of the repairs.

You Want to Change the Layout of the Kitchen

Refacing cabinets is a process that is designed for a kitchen that is going to maintain the existing configuration. If you plan to change the layout, or if you are moving the kitchen to the other side of the home, then having new cabinets designed is best.

It’s only possible to reface cabinet boxes that are going to remain in place. If the wall that the cabinets are mounted to aren’t staying, then new cabinets will have to be installed somewhere else to take their place. If you are planning a partial change to the layout of your kitchen, it’s possible to reface the cabinets that are remaining in their same position, and design new ones for other areas.

Work with the Pros for High-Quality Results

If you want to ensure that you get the highest quality results with your new cabinets, consider the factors here. Even though refacing isn’t always possible, replacement can be done and ensure you get the look and layout you want and need for your kitchen.

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