Cabinet Refacing: What is it and What are the Benefits

A common problem that homeowners face regarding the look and function of the cabinets is this – they look out of style and dated because of their age, but the cabinets themselves are still performing properly from a functional standpoint.
At this point, you must choose between disposing of good cabinets or just dealing with old and outdated styles. However, there is a third option – refacing.

What is Cabinet Refacing and How Does it Work?

The idea is simple. Rather than replacing all the cabinets, you just replace the face – the part people see. Thanks to modern cabinet refacing, the cabinets now appear new, even though most of the materials in place are the same.

To reface the cabinets, there are several elements that have to be replaced. The most important is the cabinet doors and the drawer fronts. You must ensure the new versions are properly sized to fit the current cabinets. It’s also necessary to replace the hardware of the cabinet, including the drawer pulls and hinges. The final part of the cabinet replaced during cabinet refacing is the spaces around the doors and on the sides. For this, a veneer is used that matches the new fronts and doors.

After the project is finished, the cabinets look completely new and different. Unless you let someone know the project was just cabinet refacing, they would think you had completely new cabinets installed.

Advantages Offered by Cabinet Refacing

Choosing to reface your cabinets is a smart alternative to investing in a complete replacement altogether. Installing completely new cabinets is an expensive endeavor, which is why this alone takes up so much of the average renovation budget. It also takes time to rip out the old cabinets and hang the new ones.

From beginning to end, the project may result in you being unable to use your cabinets for several weeks. Because replacing your cabinets is such a huge decision for homeowners, it’s the reason many people put up with kitchens they don’t even like for years.

With cabinet refacing, though, you get the look and feel of a total kitchen renovation, but for a fraction of the price. In fact, there are some estimates that have shown it costs approximately half as much to reface your cabinets as it does to replace them altogether. Also, refacing the cabinets only takes a few days compared to a total replacement.

Can all Cabinets be Refaced?

Cabinet refacing is a process that’s possible with most cabinets. You can determine if your cabinet is a good candidate for this if you look at how the cabinet box is constructed. If it is made out of MDF or plywood, panels that have a smooth texture and no damage, they can probably hold the veneers.

You also need to inspect the face frames. A solid wood frame that doesn’t show any rot are fine to keep using. They will be able to hold the veneers and offer a firm anchor when you screw the new cabinet hardware in place.

Contact the Professionals for Help

If you are interested in cabinet refacing, rather than full replacement, contact the pros. They can determine if this is a viable option and provide you with an estimate for the service.

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