Popular Kitchen Cabinet Features in 2020

When you begin thinking about the top design elements of your kitchen, you likely put the highest value on the features that provide both efficient function and beautiful form. That’s why so many homeowners choose to work with the professionals to help them make the most of their remodeling project, implementing enhanced cabinetry and innovative storage solutions. While there have been many trends that have come and gone throughout the years, some of the kitchen cabinet features that are expected to withstand the test of time can be found here.

In-Cabinet and In-Drawer Lighting

With in-cabinet and in-drawer lighting, you no longer have to worry about digging through dark cabinets or drawers to find the utensil or dish you are search for. This offers a great way to shed light on everything inside the cabinet or drawer.

Storage Dividers

Another feature worth looking into is a set of storage dividers. These come in an array of shapes and sizes and allow you to separate your mugs, cups, bowls, and plates. You can find the dividers in several materials, but wood is a popular option due to the durability it offers.

Other Types of Cabinet and Drawer Storage Solutions

If you are like most people, you probably have a “junk drawer” somewhere. While one junk drawer isn’t a real problem, if you you noticed that more and more of your drawers are succumbing to junk, it could be a problem. You may also notice the junk is making its way onto your nearby cabinets.

The good news is, there are an array of drawer inserts designed for cutlery or spices. You can even have a lazy-Susan style storage solution installed to help you maximize your counter space, regardless of how many kitchen gadgets you have.

Swing-Out Shelves

Now is the time to swing into the future of kitchen storage and cabinetry. Rather than stretching to try and reach the right pan and the matching lid, consider swing-out shelves. Selecting the right pan is simple when you have shelves that easily and quickly slide out for you to access what they hold.

Curio Cabinets with Glass Fronts

Convenient and classy, the installation of glass-front curio cabinets is the ideal option to showcase your favorite coffee mugs and your best china. With these cabinets in place, you are also forced to remain organized, because you can’t close the door and hide everything inside.

Cabinets with Open Shelving

While this isn’t a practical option for all kitchens, open shelving can provide a rustic and chic touch. If you are well organized (and a bit brave) you will find that this cabinetry option is a great one.

If you want more ideas for storage and other solutions for your kitchen cabinets, work with the pros. Contact Custom Cabinets by Lawrence today – we will listen to all your wants and needs and create the right kitchen cabinet features suited for you!

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