Combining Open Shelves & Cabinets: What You Need to Know

No longer do you have to hide all your kitchen wares behind your cabinet doors. Many homeowners are now choosing a mix of open shelving and cabinets that helps them showcase their favorite china, or their eclectic coffee mug collection.

A great way to maximize the available space while incorporating design elements is by using shelving. The trick is to get the right blend to ensure your kitchen looks beautiful and polished. Keep reading for some helpful and effective tips.

Beauty and Practicality

When you add open shelving to a space, you’re adding practicality. It offers an aesthetically pleasing way to display your wares. Shelving can also help to transform blank areas into more functional spaces.

They also provide easy access to items that are used frequently. What’s even better is that incorporating open shelving is as simple as removing the cabinet doors. This is a great way to make a non-permanent change to your space. Shelving helps to increase overall storage capacity too, making seldom-used or hard-to-reach spaces much more accessible. The last and most important factor is that shelves help a room feel much more open.

Add a Bit of Design Fun

Open shelving offers you the opportunity to add an interesting design element to any space. For example, you can easily pain the wall, use tile or even mount decorative wallpaper behind the shelving to provide a pop of color. You can also use different types of shelving to match the décor in your home, such as glass, natural wood, painted wood, or metal. You can also accessorize your shelving with all types of hanging systems and brackets to include even more design elements.

Shelves and Cabinets Working Together

The function and beauty of open shelves offers a great pairing for cabinets. Mixing both the elements in your mudroom, kitchen, or another space allows you to customize the space to your specific storage needs. They also provide you more variety in your storage options. Finally, combining the features can help to expand your design options as you try to create a certain style or aesthetic for your entire home.

Getting the Storage Solutions You Want and Need

If you are interested in improving any room in your house, you should consider combining open shelves & cabinets. These items not only help to provide you with more space for storage, they are also aesthetically pleasing components to any room.

Remember, though, you have to use them, so they create a harmonious balance where they are being installed. If you fail to do this, you may discover the room appears cluttered and small. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is by working with the professionals. Custom cabinet makers can help determine the right storage solution for any room in your house and make the cabinets you need based on your wants and specifications. If you’re considering combining open shelves & cabinets, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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