Important Things to Consider Before Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

Are you thinking about installing new kitchen cabinets? If so, there’s no question that this can be a smart investment. While this is true, there are a few things you need to consider before making this investment. Keep reading to learn what some of those considerations are.

Do You Want to Use the Toe Kick Space?

The toe kick area is the empty space that is under your cabinets where they meet the floor. It is (as the name states) the space left for the “feet” of your cabinets. The toe kick space is typically left empty, and then hidden behind the paneling, but it is valuable space that you can use.

Today, custom cabinet makers can install pullout drawers along with strop lighting in this space. These are beneficial conveniences to have. You can use these drawers for storing unused items and the strip lighting that is installed can ensure you keep the floorspace near the cabinets sparkling clean.

Do You Want Under or In Cabinet Lighting?

Alone, cabinets are dark, lighted only by the light in your kitchen. However, there’s no need for them to be this way anymore. Today’s cabinet designs include automatic in-cabinet lighting, just like your refrigerator and under cabinet lighting. Not only will this lighting help you find things inside your cabinets, but it can also help to keep them clean too.

Space Conservation

It is pretty easy to design a beautiful kitchen and then ruin it with too much clutter. If this is the case, clutter savers should be designed into the kitchen from the beginning. Some of the most popular space-saving ideas for your kitchen include installing wine bottle racks, electric can openers, and glass holders on the undersides of your upper cabinets. When you get these things off your counter, you can keep the area mess-free.

Put Appliances Where They Are Easier for You to Access

In the past, microwaves were installed over the refrigerator or they were installed over your stove. Now, there are high-tech chimney hoods and ranges that take up most of the area over your stove – edging the microwave out of the picture.

Today, microwaves are found sitting on the counter or in a drawer cabinet, or even set into your kitchen island. In many cases, there isn’t enough space on your counters. When this happens, you have to put the microwave near the ground or higher up – neither of these locations are convenient. These issues will only happen when your microwave is an afterthought. Make sure you consider the right location as you are designing your kitchen.

Contact the Pros for the Perfect Cabinet Design

If you want to ensure that your cabinets have the perfect design for your needs, keep the considerations and tips here in mind. This will help ensure your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional for cooking and spending time with family and friends in this space.

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