Creative Ways to Add Functionality to Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Do you find you have a little less space with your new kitchen cabinets? Perhaps you had to make space for something else during your renovations and your kitchen cabinets took the hit. You can always find creative ways to make more space and increase the functionality of the cabinets. Your cabinets are more than just storage, they are there to make your whole kitchen function better.

Making Your Kitchen Cabinets Work For You

Increasing your kitchen cabinets’ functionality doesn’t need to cost a lot and can make life much easier.

Roll Out Shelves

This is a great idea for the lower cabinets. Roll-outs are great for your garbage can, your heavier pots and pans, even spices, dishes, and bottles. This allows you to stack things and leave more space on the countertop and the upper cabinets.

Use Organizers

Adding organizers to your cabinets and drawers can make a big difference to the amount of space certain items take up. Vertical separators for cutting boards, baking sheets, and anything else that is flat and can be stored on its side.

You can also use vertical organizers for your plates. File them in like books for more space and a cool look. Use dividers in your drawers for all utensils, your cutlery, and other cooking tools.

Using hooks to hang your regular mugs and cups can also add more space for other items. It also makes the mugs easier to access and organize. Also, keep the mugs over the counter space you use the coffee maker to make it all flow better.

Glass Cabinet Doors

The space in your cabinets will look bigger if you put in glass fronts. You can also remove the doors altogether, to make things fit better and easier to find. You could also alternate between some cabinets exposed and a few that are not.

That way, you can decide what you want to show and what you need to hide away. It gives the kitchen a layered look and makes it easier to access the items you use more frequently.

Make It Spin

Adding a few lazy susans to the cabinets. You can put in larger ones in bottle cabinets, and they work particularly well in corners. Smaller ones are ideal for spices or other items you have a lot of.

Use them for cereal boxes to organize them and make it easier to find your favorite. It takes them off the counter, opens up space and you won’t store them on the top of the fridge.

Use The Corners

As mentioned above, a large lazy susan is the ideal way to utilize your corner cabinet space. You can store a lot of items on them and you can easily access them.

Think about tiered drawers in the corner. These can be deep and have a lot of depth. The bottom ones are perfect for the storage of larger items and the top one can be used for cutlery or other cooking utensils.

You can also have cabinets installed at a diagonal. They free up an otherwise wasted space and add a nice dimension to the room. These can be custom made or you can fit regular cabinets in at an angle.

Use It All

There is no reason you need to be cramped in your newly remodeled kitchen. Using all the space you have available will help make things easier and work better.

Get creative and see how many ways you can dream up about utilizing the space you have. Just because your new cabinets are not as big as the last ones doesn’t mean they can’t have the functionality you need.

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