Hardware Hiccups: What Hardware Element is Making Your Cabinets Appear Outdated?

When you think about your cabinets, do you really give much thought to the hinges? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably, “no.” After all, this is just a piece of metal that’s bolted using a screw to link the cabinet and cabinet door together.
However, did you know, if you can still see the hinges, you probably have outdated cabinets?

Today, there’s a new trend in cabinetry – the use of European hinges.

What is a European Hinge?

A European hinge is a modern form of a cabinet hinge. They aren’t visible when the door is closed, which provides the clean look. One of the best things about this type of hinge is that they can be used for an array of door types. This means you don’t have to worry about them not fitting on a specific door.

Additionally, these hinges are often used on today’s cabinets.

The question you may have though is why should you even consider using European hinges?

You Can’t See Them

The European hinge, which is commonly called a “concealed hinge” or an “invisible hinge” is hidden when the cabinet door is closed. With these, you don’t have the eyesore of the traditional, bulky, metal hinges that use screws that may collect moisture, dust, or dirt. Also, because these hinges are hidden, you don’t have to worry about them being seen, making them a great design element for any kitchen or bathroom.

They are Quiet

Have you ever opened a cabinet door and heard a high pitch creak or squeak? With European hinges, this isn’t an issue.

They are also considered “soft closing.” This means the doors won’t slam shut. This is extremely beneficial in locations where these sounds may be concerning, such as nursing homes or medical facilities. In fact, the majority of the hinges that are currently used in doctors’ offices and hospitals are European hinges.

They are Adjustable and Easy to Remove

If you don’t have tools, this isn’t an issue. This type of hinge doesn’t require you to have a screwdriver to take them off. In fact, usually, European hinges will clip off and on, making it much easier to install them.

Talk to a Professional to Learn More

If you have been thinking changing your outdated cabinets, now is the time to consider European hinges. These are sleek and modern, offering an ideal solution for any modern kitchen.

However, for homeowners who have more rustic, country chic, or farmhouse style kitchens, sticking with a traditional style of hinge may be preferred as these match that more rustic look and feel. Working with the professionals is best, as they can help you determine what hinge solution is best and help ensure it is installed properly.

Getting the right hinges installed can help create a finished look to any kitchen space. Be sure to keep this in mind and speak with the pros at Custom Cabinets by Lawrence to ensure the right hinge selection is made.

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