6 Things to Consider Before Painting Your Cabinets

If you think painting your old cabinets will be just the thing to spruce them up, think again. It might seem easy to do but your results will not be even close to what you expect.

Not all cabinets can be painted. Cabinets that can be painted shouldn’t be done as a DIY project.

You should really consider getting a professional cabinet painting company in to do it for you.

Painting Your Cabinets

Even if you are going to do the actual painting, there are a few things you can do to make the job go smoothly and quickly.

Plan for Painting Day

This is not going to be done in an afternoon. You will be inconvenienced for a few days. You will need to think about how best to use the kitchen while this is going on.

There is the preparation, the painting, the time needed for the cabinets to dry, and then get everything reassembled again. It might be awkward to use the kitchen. Depending on how many cabinets you have, book a week to see it through.

Clean Everything

You need to wash down all the surfaces that are going to be painted. The paint won’t stick if there is grease on them or other types of substances. Use a mild degreasing soap to make sure it is all off. Drawers, doors, everything that will be painted.

Clean the insides, too. If you have glass fronts on the cabinets, you will need to paint the interiors, too. You will want it all to match.

Take Everything Apart

You will need to take the cabinet doors off, remove all the hardware and hinges. Don’t try to paint over them, it will look bad and the paint will chip off.

This includes everything inside the cabinets, as well. Remove all the dishes, food, and whatever else is in them. Use this time to get rid of stuff you are no longer using.

Label Everything

As you remove each door and drawer, make sure you label where each one goes. Keep the handles, hinges, and screws together from each door or drawer and label them, too.

Drawers may not fit correctly in a different slot and you don’t want to get the cabinet doors mixed up, either. Use a bit of tape or a pencil to label where each one goes.

Sand Rough Surfaces

If there are rough surfaces or the cabinets have already been painted before, get the sandpaper. Give them a good sanding to remove old paint or stain and get them as smooth as possible.

If there is a lot, you can get an electric sander or leave it for the professionals to do when they are there to paint.

Get Good Paint

If you are supplying the paint, ask your painters what they recommend. You want a paint that will withstand cleaning and will stand the test of time.

Not All Cabinets can be Painted

If you have a lot of damage or open grain wooden cabinets, painting your cabinets may not be the best option. Damaged cabinets should be repaired or replaced. Open grain wood often looks best as it is. Consider sanding it down and staining it to keep its natural beauty.

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