Wood Cabinets: Important Things to Consider

Are you thinking about replacing the cabinets in your home? If so, you are going to find a hard time trying to find a better material than wood. Thanks to the universal appeal along with the durability of wood, this is one of the most requested options available today. If you are thinking about hiring a custom cabinetmaker to install new cabinets in your home, there are a few features of wood cabinets you need to consider before you make your decision.

The beautiful and natural differences offered by wood have an appeal for everyone – you just have to figure out what is most appealing for you.

The Grain of the Wood

The grain of the wood cabinetry is going to vary quite a bit from one species of wood to another. There are some grains that are very tight and close together running in a parallel design. There are others that have a bit more variance between the distance of their thicknesses and gains. You will find that there are different species of wood with variable and/or consistent patterns.

The Coloring of the Wood

Even though the stain that you choose for your wood cabinetry is going to affect the color that is achieved, there are still specific differences between different species of wood color. For example, certain species, such as cherry and oak may come with orangish or reddish tones. Alder and maple species are usually whiteish or beige naturally. There are also walnut species of wood, which offer beautiful and rich chocolate tones.

Heartwood vs. Sapwood

Something that many people never realize is that wood that is closer to the surface of a tree will look very different than the wood that is in the heart of the tree. It’s important to keep these differences top of mind when you are selecting the right wood cabinetry for your home.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you want to get the best wood cabinets for your home and needs, be sure to consider the factors here. Wood cabinetry can help to enhance your home while offering a durable and long-lasting method to keep items in your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of the home organized and tidy.

Remember, by working with the professionals, you can feel confident that you will get the desired results. Being informed and putting time and effort into finding the right professional service providers is the best way to ensure the highest quality cabinets are installed.

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