What Comes First – The Cabinets or the Flooring?

One of the most popular remodeling and renovation projects taken on by homeowner’s today is their kitchen. After all, this is the heart of the home.

However, when you finally make the decision to take the plunge and begin renovating your kitchen, there are several factors you have to consider. In addition to finding the right contractor for the job, and setting a budget, you have to make sure the work is done in the proper order.

After all, if things aren’t done in the proper order, then things may go wrong quickly. When it comes to the kitchen flooring and cabinets, use the information here to determine which one should be done first.

Pros and Cons of Installing Your Kitchen Flooring First

One of the biggest benefits offered by installing your new kitchen flooring first is that you can avoid having to cut the material (whatever you choose for the space) to fit around your cabinets and appliances. You may assume that if you install your cabinets first, they are going to be stuck with the design footprint of your cabinets if you ever opt to change things again. The truth is, though, if you choose to remodel again down the road, you probably won’t keep the existing flooring or cabinets.

The main disadvantage of installing your new kitchen flooring first is that you are going to waste materials. If you aren’t ever going to see the flooring that is installed beneath the cabinets, then why put it there? This is going to cost you more in the long run.

Pros and Cons of Installing Your Kitchen Cabinets First

When you install your kitchen cabinets first, the biggest advantage is that you won’t be wasting flooring. You can also make adjustments, as needed, if you aren’t crazy about the design or setup you have decided on. Again, doing this after the flooring is installed may lead to even more waste.

Keep in mind though, if you install your cabinets first, then when the flooring is being put in, there is a risk the cabinets are going to be scratched or damaged. This can be disappointing, as cabinets are a significant investment – especially quality ones.

What Should Come First: The Floor or the Cabinets?

While this is a decision you are going to have to make for yourself, if everything else is equal, it will probably be best to install your flooring first. By doing this, you can avoid any damage to your new cabinets, which can be costly to have repaired.

You can also speak with your designer or contractor and ask them for their recommendation about this decision. Chances are they will have handled similar projects in the past and be able to provide you with advice about which option makes the most sense for you. Being informed and considering the pros and cons of both options is also going to help you make this important decision and impact the results of your kitchen remodeling project.

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