Tips for Selecting the Right Corner Base Cabinet

When you make the decision to remodel your kitchen, there’s no question that it’s an exciting process. During this process, though, there are countless decisions you will have to make – from selecting the appliances to choosing the right flooring.

However, one of the biggest considerations for homeowners who want to ensure they maximize the function of their kitchen is to find the ideal cabinets. Yes, the color and the style of the cabinets you select will make a huge impact on the look of your kitchen, you also have to consider the layout. Choosing the right corner cabinets is often one of the most challenging parts of determining the perfect set-up for your kitchen.

What to Consider when Selecting Corner Cabinets

When selecting a corner cabinet, you need to think about how much space you have to work with. Leaving “dead space” in a corner should only be a last resort, as there are quite a few options to consider help get the most out of your storage, aesthetics and value of your brand-new kitchen.

Some of the corner cabinet options for you to consider can be found here.

Lazy Susan/Diagonal Corner Cabinets

A Lazy Susan cabinet is an appealing kitchen feature. These cabinets also offer quite a few benefits that make them the obvious winner when it comes to your kitchen layout. The good news is, there is a number of options to choose from when you are selecting the Lazy Susan for your space, from the size, to figuring out if you want a rotating tray or a stationary corner cabinet. Keep in mind, you can customize these cabinets to meet your precise needs by working with a custom cabinet maker.

If you are thinking about a Lazy Susan cabinet for your home, consider these top features:

  • Equal space requirements on both walls, making installation simple.
  • Custom style options and impressive functionality
  • Maximum usable space

Blind Corner Base Cabinets

Another popular option for a pesky corner in your kitchen is the blind corner cabinets. However, these do have a few special requirements you should keep in mind. This is especially the case when talking about installation.

  • Pros: Flexibility and superior storage space
  • Cons: Complex installation and a filler must have to be put in between the two cabinet spaces

Corner Sink Face Cabinets

Your cabinet layout is really dependent on the layout of your appliances, and the other features in your kitchen. So, what happens if you want to move your sink to the corner of your kitchen? This is when a corner sink face/cabinet will provide the aesthetic appeal and functionality you are looking for.

When it comes to corner cabinets, there are several options to choose from, which you can see here. However, a great option is to contact the professionals, as they can help ensure you get the best option for your need. You can also work with a custom cabinet maker to ensure you get the precise look and fit that you want and need.

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