Tips for Selecting the Best Cabinetry Hardware

If you are choosing décor for your kitchen, the cabinetry hardware comes at a time when the majority of people have reached their “decision-making quota.” There’s so many options and choices made along the way, that the mere idea of having to look at the thousands of different options available can be extremely overwhelming.

However, when you know about the various finishes and styles available for handles and knobs, this can actually be a fairly easy task. When you understand the information found here, you will be able to easily find the right cabinet hardware for your room, as well as your personal style.

Getting to Know Common Handle and Knob Styles

The first step of this process is to become familiar with the various styles of handles and knobs that are available. The four most common styles include modern, classic, vintage and architectural. Selecting what style to use will make the decision process substantially easier.

The good news is, there are handle and knob options that will match the majority of architectural styles used today. This makes it easy for you to match your existing design elements with new cabinet hardware. Handles and knobs that coordinate with the architectural style of your room provide a crisp, clean and finished look.

Retro and Vintage Styles

Many homeowner’s today are opting for vintage and retro hardware, too. These are then handles and knobs that have received a slightly updated look, but that mimic the options that were popular decades ago.

Classic Styles

If you are trying to create a more elegant look in your kitchen, then choosing a classic handle or knob is a smart move. The classic style is a fairly simple look that will help to provide a long-lasting vibrance in your kitchen space. Some of the examples of these include oval knobs, the angular handles and cup handles.

Modern Style

These feature a wide array of hardware type, including transitional to whimsical, to contemporary and everything in between. Some examples of modern handles and knobs include geometric knobs, elongated handles, creative shapes and artisan glass. This modern style will provide your room with a welcoming and warm feel, that other style options can’t compare to.

Cabinet Hardware Finishes

Once you know the styles of cabinet hardware available, it’s time to move on to the finishes. The most common include:

  • Distressed: These provide a slightly used look, with dents and scratches being considered “design elements.”
  • Hammered: if you want an art and craft finish this one works well, as the handles will have indentations that provided a “battered” appearance.
  • Matte: This finish is often used with copper, chrome or brass and can add elegance to your room.
  • Oil rubbed: If you want to create a robust elegant look then this is best.
  • Polished: Create a sharp look with luster by choosing a polish finish.
  • Satin: Dress up your kitchen and create a stunning space with this finish. It’s also easy to maintain.

Once you know all the options, you will be able to narrow down what you want based on your own personal styles and preferences. You can also work with the professionals if you need help making a choice.

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