Reface vs. Replace: What’s Right for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Your cabinets make up a large portion of your kitchen. After all, these represent the kitchen “furniture.” As a result, they impact the feel and function of the space significantly.

While this may be fine, it can be a completely different situation if your cabinets are outdated, damaged or just plain ugly. If you are ready for a new look for your kitchen cabinets, then you have two main options:

  • Refacing your cabinets
  • Replacing your cabinets

Refacing: What Does It Mean?

When you opt to reface your cabinets, it means (usually) that new drawer fronts and doors are put on the current cabinet frames to create a new “look.” However, there are some people who decide to reface their cabinets by painting or refinishing the existing doors and drawer fronts, or by installing a new veneer on top of what is already there.

When Should You Consider Refacing Over Replacing?

Refacing will make sense in a few situations. One if you have cabinets that have been solidly constructed and two, if you are pleased with their functionality.

If you have cabinets that are damaged or worn out, refacing is only going to address the outward appearance, and serve as a temporary band-aid until you invest in replacement. Also, if you aren’t happy with how the cabinets function, then refacing will just be a waste of money.

Providing a fresh look for your cabinets may be satisfying at first, this isn’t going to improve how they function Additionally, refacing will cost about 60 percent of what new cabinets cost, which means this isn’t as affordable of an option as many people think.

When is Cabinet Replacement Necessary?

On the other hand, when you opt for cabinet replacement, it allows you to change the functionality and layout of your entire kitchen. Any homeowner who opts for cabinet replacement usually don’t do this to improve the kitchen’s appearance, but also to enhance the design of the space and make it more suitable for entertaining, cooking and eating.

The Role of Functionality When Deciding to Reface or Replace Your Cabinets

The way your cabinets function will make a huge difference in how your kitchen works for you and your family. If there isn’t anything you want to change, then refacing may be the best option. Additionally, if you have a limited budget, refacing is also the more affordable option between the two. However, if you want to make some significantly structural changes with the design of your kitchen and cabinets, then replacement may be the best solution.

If you are ready to replace, remodel or just get the opinion of someone in the industry, it is a good idea to work with the professionals. They can help ensure you get the cabinets you want and a kitchen space that you love spending time in. The pros also offer customized options that will suit your kitchen and ensure you get the precise results you desire.

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