Organizing Your New Kitchen: What to Consider

If you are remodeling or planning on building a new kitchen, you have probably given at least some thought to organizing it and what you want it to look like. The fact is that the kitchen is the “heart of the home.” This means, if you are like most people, you want it to be comfortable and functional.

To create this balance, there are several considerations to make. For example:

  • Dark or light cabinets?
  • Quartz or granite countertops?
  • Tile or wood floor?

There are a large number of decisions you have to make when it comes to how your kitchen looks. While this is true, have you given any thought to organizing your kitchen? Wouldn’t it be nice if everything had a place?

According to a recent study, more than 35 percent of homeowners who had recently remodeled their kitchen wish they had invested more money to get the high-quality organization they really wanted. Also, approximately 60 percent of homeowners planning a remodel state that the most important aspect of the process is making sure it is easy to store and find things. Everyone wants efficiency and organization, which is something that the old-fashioned shelf and cabinets no longer provide.

If you want to ensure that your kitchen is well-organized and meets your needs, keep reading.

Talk to Your Kitchen Designer

A first step is to speak with your professional designer to discuss your options. Ask them what elements need to go into the kitchen for quality organization. Remember, your cabinets are a huge part of how organized the space is, so work with your custom cabinet maker, too, which will ensure you get the built-in organizational features you really want.

Do Your Homework

Be sure to look into all the options for storing items. Bring these ideas to the pros who are working on the space. There are many designers and other professionals in the industry who can point you to websites for inspiration and ideas.

Consider the Daily Use Items

What items do you use each day in the kitchen? Do you need a cabinet specifically for your kids’ snacks? Where are your daily cooking ingredients and spices going to go? Do you need cabinets for storing dry food? Rather than having multiple smaller cabinets for your dry food, request a pantry cabinet. All this is possible by thinking ahead and making a plan for your kitchen organization.

Working with the Pros

If you want to ensure your kitchen is able to be well-organized and has all the organizational features that will make your life easier, you have to ask for them. Your custom cabinet maker can bring your vision to life, but only if you let them know what this vision is.

When designing a kitchen, figure out the specifics first. Once you know how you want to organize the space, you can take the plans to your cabinet maker. They will be able to accommodate your needs with ease when they have this information in hand.  Contact Custom Cabinets by Lawrence today to get started!

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