A Step by Step Guide to New Cabinet Door Installation

Regardless of if you need to update the look of your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or another location in the house, one of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is with new cabinet door installation. What you may not realize is how easy this process really is.

You don’t need any expensive tools or materials to do this job. In fact, with this helpful guide, you can have your new cabinet doors installed today.

Remove the Existing Doors

The process used to remove the cabinet’s existing doors is simple. Open the door and detach the hinge from the mounting plate that’s connected to the interior of the cabinet.

Usually, this is done by pinching the part of the hinge that’s furthest inside the cabinet you are working on. However, there are some hinges that work differently, so keep this in mind.

After the old doors have been removed, take all the hardware off the door and the cabinet.

Measure the Existing Cabinet Doors

Are you planning to reuse the existing hardware? If so, you need to make sure your new cabinet doors are the exact same size as the old ones. Make sure you get the right size by measuring the height and width of each of your doors.

If you plan on getting new hardware with your new cabinet doors, then this step is unnecessary.

Purchase the New Cabinet Doors

The best way for you to get the exact look and size of cabinet doors you want is by working with a custom cabinet maker. They will ensure your vision is brought to life and provide you with the exact doors you had in mind.

Install the Hinges

Remember, when you are installing the hinges on your new cabinets (regardless of if they are new or old) you will have three holes. The large one is referred to as the hinge cup, and there are two smaller holes. This helps ensure your cabinets are perfectly aligned when installed.

Begin the installation by attaching the mounting plate to the hinge and then life the locking flange that’s at the hinge’s base to insert the hinge base in the hinge cup (mentioned above – the “big” hole). Rotate the hinge until all the holes are perfectly aligned. Once the locking flange is pressed back down, your hinge is in the proper position.

Mounting Your New Cabinet Doors

The easiest way to mount your new kitchen doors is by attaching a straight piece of wood to the cabinet’s opening at the base. Use a strong clamp to keep it in place approximately ½ of an inch below the edge, which accounts for overlay.

Keep the door in position so the mounting plates are against the cabinet’s face frame and mark through the crew slots, so you know where to drill your pilot holes. Remove the mounting plates from the door and attach hem to the face frame, then reattach the hinges to the mounting plate.

As you can see, the process to new cabinet door installation isn’t as challenging as it may seem. However, if you need help or have questions, reach out to the pros at Custom Cabinets by Lawrence today.

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