Make Your Bathroom Seem Larger by Choosing the Right Cabinets

If you are like a large number of people, your bathroom is a comfort zone, a retreat where you can enjoy some quiet, “me time.” While you may be dreaming of a spacious bathroom where you can spread out and enjoy alone time, this isn’t always the reality for many people. For many, the bathroom is a small, cramped space that doesn’t create an environment of comfort and relaxation.

There is some good news and, no, this doesn’t include knocking down walls to expand the room. One of the most common, effective and functional ways to make your bathroom seem larger is by installing the proper cabinets and storage solutions.

Some tips to help you fool your mind into thinking your bathroom is larger than it really is can be found here.

Select Paint that is Monochromatic and Light Shades

Think about the theme of your bathroom and select cabinets that blend into the space. If possible select as light of a shade as you can. White, or another light color, will reflect light, regardless of if it is being supplied by lighting fixtures or natural light. If light touches the surfaces of your cabinets, it will bounce back, making the room seem brighter, bigger and much more spacious.

If you choose wooden cabinets, you should choose a lighter wood, rather than dark colored ones. A light-colored wood is going to allow more light to reflect off of the surfaces and won’t make the room appear more cramped than it really is.

Place Your Cabinets Strategically

Think about the spaces in your bathroom that you usually don’t go, for example, over the door. In most cases, this space will remain vacant. This is especially the case if the ceilings in your home are higher than what is found in most houses. You also have the option to install decorative storage shelves to hold your bath scrubs, salts and more. You can also use cabinets for storing your extra toilet paper, cleaners and to free up the storage area under the sink.

Use Cabinets to Maximize the Vertical Space in the Bathroom

You should think about having cabinets built to extend up and all the way to the ceiling. When you add color at a vertical height, it will cause your eye to go up, enlarging the feel of the bathroom. It is also a good idea to use the space over your head because it will minimize the cramped feeling you may otherwise get if all the cabinets are at eye level or lower.

Consider Installing Open Storage Cabinets

When you choose open storage cabinets, you will be able to trick the mind into thinking they are not taking up as much space. This is due to the fact that the eyes can see inside and under. Keep in mind, if you choose this option, you will want to keep clutter to a minimum.

When you use cabinets strategically and choose the right style and design, you can actually help make any sized bathroom feel larger. You can also have cabinets custom made if you have a specific idea of what you want for the space.

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