Kitchen Cabinet Trends that are Here to Stay

Remodeling your kitchen? Wondering what type of cabinets you should get? Following cabinet trends may be the answer for you. But age-old traditions still hold up, as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Keep in Mind

If you have a particular look in mind, then stick with it. The first thing you should do when choosing kitchen cabinets is to think about the style you want. Just the style of the doors and the drawer fronts. Don’t worry about color at first.

Once you have the style you like, you can get the doors of your cabinets painted or stained to suit whatever theme you have going. The nice thing about choosing a good wooden cabinet is that you can change the color fairly easily down the road.

Open Concept

Cabinets take up a lot of space in our kitchens. In a small kitchen with dark colors or little light, the kitchen can seem like a closet. Open cabinets, either with glass fronts or no cabinet doors at all can give the appearance of more space.

You can also opt for simple shelving units to hold everything. It takes the guesswork out of where things are and keeps it rather portable, if you like to change things around quite often.


Whether you are building a new home, renovating an old one, or just looking to upgrade, quality cabinets are always going to be on of the cabinet trends to follow. Ask anyone who has ‘saved’ a lot of money on cheaper cabinets.

Our kitchen cabinets always take a lot of wear. We open and close them multiple times a day. They get slammed, bumped into, scratched by pets and kids. They take a beating.

You want them to last longer than a few rough slams. While you can usually change the color, the quality must come first. Even if you are flipping a house, always opt for the quality cabinets.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain cabinets will never go out of style. They get splashed, scrapped, and things get spilled on and in them. No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the insides.

Non-porous surfaces are always welcome. Just because it is the inside doesn’t mean it can’t get stained, moldy, and collect odors. Also, lining shelves is not fun and never works out the way we want it to.


Soft-close hinges and glides for our cabinets and drawers are also something that will always be desired. These hinges and glides hold up well for all the use we give them.

Full-Height Cabinets

We’ve all had kitchen cabinets that have the extra space on top. It’s a bit of a struggle to get things up there and all they do is collect dust or give the cat a place to hide.

Taking the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling gives the kitchen a better flow. It also allows storage inside the cabinet and not on the top. The lower part of the cabinet is for everyday use. The upper part can be used to store things you don’t always need, like the good dishes or appliances.

Nice Accessories

We may not always think about it but the handles and the knobs for our drawers and cabinets can say a lot. They can also really add a nice touch to finish off the kitchen.

Picking a certain color or style can really bring the kitchen together. Certain colors can bring out the subtle shades in the cabinets or the countertops.

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