Important but Overlooked Cabinet Features to be Aware Of

Are you ready to have new cabinets installed in your home? If so, one of the first things you will realize is there are more than a few options to choose from. While knowing what you want is crucial, you also need to consider what cabinet features are often overlooked. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider – that you may otherwise overlook – when it comes to buying new kitchen cabinets.

How Are the Face Frames Attached to the Cabinet Box?

There are far too many cabinetmakers who will reduce the costs just by adhering the face frame to the side panels by nailing them in place. A better option is to use the proper joinery methods for woodworking purposes.

Are the Cabinets Made of Particle Board or Hardwood Plywood?

Particle board isn’t a strong material and it won’t take a finish evenly. There are some cabinetmakers who create the exterior of cabinets using a mix of melamine and wood components. The problem with these materials is that eventually, your kitchen is going to be two different colors.

Will Your Cabinets Have a Back Panel?

When you are purchasing kitchen cabinets, it is pretty easy to overlook the smallest cabinet features. However, have you thought about the back panel? There are some cabinetmakers who will cut the costs of their cabinets by eliminating the back panel altogether. If the back panel isn’t installed, when you open the door, you will see the wall.

Is the Particle Board Going to be Unfinished?

Unlike other materials unfinished particle board is going to absorb moisture and bubble. This is going to result in the material having to be replaced sooner, rather than later.

How Thick Do Cabinet Shelves Need to Be and Can They Be Adjusted?

If the shelves installed in your cabinets are only 5/8th of an inch thick, they are probably going to bow over time passes. Also, if you can’t install new shelving, it will limit how you are able to arrange the contents inside your cabinets.

How Sturdy Are the Drawers?

Another way that some cabinetmakers will attempt to cut costs is by building drawers out of soft wood or particle board. If a drawer is made with these materials and the pining method doesn’t stand up to the day to day use, serious issues may arise. You need to insist on rugged materials along with dovetail joinery. You need to insist on rugged materials along with dovetail joinery for the best and longest-lasting results. Sometimes, a cabinetmaker may fail to protect the glides from the finish that is used, which means they are speckled with the cabinet color. Be sure to know if this is a factor.

If you are having new cabinets installed, be sure to keep these small details of cabinet features in mind. This will help ensure you get the results desired, regardless of the type of style that you desire for your new kitchen space.

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