How to Prepare for Your Cabinet Installation

When it comes time for a kitchen cabinet installation, it is a good sign you are nearing the finish line of your renovations. In order for the cabinet installation to go smoothly, you need to be prepared.

The installation is a big job, so you really want to be prepared ahead of time so there are no snags. Here are a few easy things to do to make sure the installation goes off without a hitch.

Remove Everything You Can

Take out everything you can. This will open up the space so you, the people doing the installation and the cabinets all fit in. take out all the appliances, big and small, dishes, empty drawers and any remaining cupboards.

Take everything off the walls, as well. This is a great time to rid yourself of any clutter and junk you are not using. If you are doing a full renovation, consider donating or selling off your old appliances.

Pack everything up and move it well out of the room. You will need all the floor space and elbow room available. You may need to set up a temporary kitchen space, if you need to prepare food for others in the family.


Make sure the floors are finished and even before installing the cabinets and replacing the appliances. If things are going to be placed in different areas, floors can be faded or discolored. Replace the flooring first.

Be sure to check and repair or replace the baseboards,as well. It’s important to take care of these things before, because you won’t be able to once the cabinets are installed.


There may be large holes or damage once you take out the old cabinets. Drywall them and make any repairs you need to do.

Have the walls finished before the installation. Just like your floors, the walls can have large patches of discolored paint or wallpaper. Make sure you have them cleaned or repainted or papered.

Even if you are sure the new cabinets will be covering the faded spots, complete the whole room anyhow. You never know if a patch of wall will be sticking out and ruin the entire look of your new kitchen.


Make sure you have access to all of your existing outlets and plug ins. You may have to replace some of them to accommodate your new cabinets.


While you have everything torn out, check the plumbing. It is the best time to check on any old pipes, leaky spots or damage to the plumbing. It’s very easy to take care of these jobs before the cabinets are installed.

Being prepared will make sure the installation of the new cabinets will go as well as it can. You don’t want to be caught with something unfinished and either delay the installation or have to cope with something you didn’t finish.

Your new cabinets will breathe new life into your kitchen and your home. Do everything you can to make sure that the job gets done properly and you will be able to enjoy the new cabinets so much more.

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