Having Cabinets Installed in Your Farmhouse Kitchen? Follow These Tips

Installing new cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen is an exciting time. It can change the entire look of the kitchen and make life much easier. If your house is older you may have to make some adjustments.

Preserving that rustic farmhouse feel is easy and you can keep the look with modern cabinets. If you have an older sink and old plumbing, that will also need to be taken into consideration.

Tips For Installing Farmhouse Cabinets

Chances are your old farmhouse kitchen has older, larger appliances. There may also be a larger, apron front sink. If there is a large wood-burning stove or icebox, adjustments will need to be taken into consideration.

Remove All Old Cabinets

Take your time and care when removing all the old cabinets. There may be screws, nails, and glue that were used, and tearing at them can damage the wall behind.

Measure Everything

Take into consideration the size of your appliance, if needed. If you are making room for appliances, then make sure you have their dimensions. If you are keeping the old apron front sink, accommodate for that.

Clean The Space

Once the old cabinets are out of the way, clean the area really well. Get the dust, lost pennies, paint chips and other debris like drywall or garbage that was left behind. You want the cabinets to have a fresh start in their new space. Odd bits of wood or nails can make the cabinets sit unevenly.

Check Levels

Older homes can have uneven floors and that needs to be taken into account when you are having the cabinets either built or installed. There may not be much you can do with the floor but you can make adjustments with the cabinets on the floor.

Make Adjustments For Electric Outlets

An older farmhouse might not have as many outlets as you would like. This is a great time to get someone in to install a few more or move the ones you have. An outlet behind your kitchen cabinet doesn’t do you any good.

Check The Plumbing

Once the cabinets are all out, that is the ideal time to get your Kansas City plumber to give the entire kitchen plumbing the once-over. There could be leaks, broken pipes, rust, mold, mildew, or old water damage that can ruin the flooring after some time.

A new kitchen deserves to last and so do the pipes. Make sure everything is in working order so you are not looking at tearing out part of your cabinets in a few months down the road.

Work Your Way Down

Get the top cabinets all installed first. That way, you will see how everything fits and if it will all come together. That way, the countertop won’t be in your way while you try to install the upper cabinets.

Get A Professional

It is a big job, installing new kitchen cabinets. Even if you have some experience, you are better off hiring someone who knows well what they are doing. They have knowledge and experience that will make sure the job gets done right.

You might think you are saving money by installing the kitchen cabinets yourself. Is something goes wrong, if you make a mistake if something gets broken or you or someone else gets injures, then the price just went up a whole lot more.

If you are preserving an old family farmhouse or you just came into it, you want it to last a long time. We use our kitchens a lot, it is where our families meet, where we cook, talk, eat and love. Make your farmhouse kitchen special.

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