Is it a Good Idea to Match Your Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets?

Regardless of if you are remodeling your home, building a new home or purchasing a home to “fix-up,” you know you have countless decisions to make. You have to consider things such as paint colors, flooring options cabinets and more.

A question you may have is whether or not you should match your cabinets. Do you need your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to match? The answer to this question will usually depend on several factors, including your home’s layout. However, generally speaking, it isn’t necessary to match the cabinets in each room. Some things to consider when making this decision can be found here.

Proximity of the Bathroom to Your Kitchen

If the bathroom you are thinking about matching the cabinets in the kitchen too is off of the kitchen, then it may be a good idea to do so. This will provide a flow from one space to the next. However, if your bathroom is off a different part of your home, or even on another floor, then there isn’t any need to match the cabinets.

Think Complementary

Rather than matching the cabinets precisely, think about the styles that will complement on another. If the rest of your home has traditional décor, and your bathroom has a more modern look, then it will stick out – and not in a good way. Select style elements that are complementary to one another, rather than ones that compete.

Think of Ways to Tie It All Together

Selecting different types and styles of cabinets for multiple spaces in your home will work well when you have other elements in your home to help tie it all together. Think about selecting complementary colors from one room to another and flooring that helps you flow from room to room. You can also choose a design or style that repeats in several or all of the rooms in your home.

It’s Your Home

Keep in mind, this is your home. You are under no obligation and there is no written or unwritten rule that states you have to match one room in your home with the others. If you like the way it looks, and it works for you and your family, then go with it. You don’t have to follow conventional design rules to create a space you love.

Selecting cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else you want them in your home should not be a chore. You can even work with a custom cabinet maker to help you design cabinets specifically for your space. This will ensure a unique look that you love.

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