Helpful Tips for Creating a Beautiful Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen

The Farmhouse Style is definitely “having a moment.” Thanks to people like Joanna Gaines and Rachel Ashwell, the simple country look has recently gone mainstream and it has morphed into a completely unique category. However, when it comes down to it, you may wonder – what exactly is farmhouse style? How do I create a farmhouse inspired kitchen?

The short answer is that it’s whatever you want it to be. This is because the beauty of the farmhouse style, opposed to a more specific style, like art deco or mid-century modern, encompasses a large array of aesthetics. It’s a mix and match look.

Generally speaking, the farmhouse style is all about making the space your own. However, if you are looking for more specific tips to help you create this look in your home, you’re in the right place.

Embrace the Simplicity of the Farmhouse Style

The true farmhouse style is all about simplicity. This goes back to the economical status found in farmhouses through the years. This is when the phrase – less is more – really rang true.

Homesteads and farmhouses used what they had, and each item had a specific purpose. So, with farmhouse style, there is plenty of enamelware and galvanized touches, as these were essential materials on any working farm.

When trying to create the farmhouse style in your own home, think simple. Reduce clutter. Find pieces that provide a double duty and functionality.

Clean Lines

Along the same lines as what was mentioned above, the farmhouse style uses simple and clean lines – for both décor and architecture. The cabinets are a perfect example of this.

Shaker is the classic farmhouse cabinet style. That’s due to the simple construction and the clean lines. Having to work on the farm was enough work for any farming family, so when it came to building cabinets, furniture, and door frames, things were kept very basic. There’s no fancy finishes or trim work. All you see is simple functionality. This has carried through to the farmhouse décor available today.

Neutral Shades and Tones

Another classic example of the farmhouse style is the neutral and muted colors. Since most homesteads would use the items they had, the paint finishes were usually worn, the décor pieces were obviously used, and if something broke, it wasn’t replaced – it was fixed. Everything in a farmhouse was well loved.

What this means is that you can mix colorful pieces with faded ones, and everything has a more conservative and neutral tone. Think warm wood tones, grays, and whites. Also, add texture, such as metal tones, chippy paint, and matte finishes.

Recreating the Farmhouse Style in Your Home

The bottom line is that when you are trying to create the farmhouse style in your home, you need to keep things functional and comfortable. When you do this successfully you can bring the farmhouse look to any area of your home. Keep in mind, there’s no rules with this design, so be creative and let your own personal taste and style shine through in the décor you choose, including your custom cabinets.

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