Cabinets Beyond the Kitchen: Bathroom and Office Storage Solutions

Finding enough room for bathroom or office storage is often very frustrating. It can make a room look cluttered or overstuffed. In smaller spaces, like a bathroom or an office, we tend to use things that are not very inspired.


Space for storage in a bathroom is often very limited. If you don’t have space under the sink, the options are usually shelving.

Over-the-toilet shelves don’t diminish the amount of floor space but they don’t usually offer a lot of space. Besides, how many times can you fish your face cream out of the toilet before you realize there must be a better way.

Wall-mounted cabinets can be better but again storage space can be limited.

Free-standing shelves can be handy but not very secure.

There are small units with drawers or slide-in baskets that work but they take up a lot of limited floor space.

Wheeled or portable carts or caddies can be okay if you have the floor space for them.

The shower caddy is good for a few small items only and those items need to be able to get wet.


For offices, the same problems can occur. Limited floor space means cramped and cluttered offices.

File cabinets have come a long way. You can get them with smaller drawers or large ones for big files and other items.

Larger shelves with drawers or large plastic boxes are okay but they are often clear and tend to make places look cluttered.

Bookshelves are great and don’t take up a lot of floor space. They are often adjustable to accommodate larger crates, smaller books or boxes, and other items you may need in your office.

Desks are a great way to store things, so when considering desks, pick one with several drawers.

Custom Cabinets for Bathrooms and Offices

One of the best solutions for storage is to have your cabinets custom made. You plan on using the bathroom and the office for many years to come, so why not get it fitted out with cabinets made for that space.

You get storage that will work for you and work for the space. It will fit in perfectly and allow you the maximum amount of space.


Consider going up when there is limited floor space. Cabinets mounted on the wall will still leave your floor space open. The space above isn’t doing anything except maybe holding a picture.

You can also get or expand the vanity space around and below the sink. Add a bit more counter space with plenty of storage below.

Get shelves made to suit the room and what you need them for.


Here, again, is a space that would greatly benefit from custom made cabinets. With smaller spaces, going up is often the only feasible option. Have custom build cabinets to fit in over the top of the filing cabinets, desks, and other office equipment.

With all that extra space, you will have plenty of room for all your office supplies and other sensitive documents and valuables.

Custom Cabinets For All Spaces

It just makes great sense to have custom made cabinets for places you use all the time but are limited by the space.

Give us a call at Custom Cabinets by Lawrence. We can let you know exactly what will be the best solution to your bathroom or office storage problems. Having enough storage is a problem for most spaces.

Custom made cabinets make the most of your space for the ultimate in storage space. You choose what you want and we will make them look fantastic.


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